USB Antivirus and Additional Protection

Smadav Software (Smadsoft)

Founded in 2006 by Zainuddin Nafarin, Smadav Software (Smadsoft) is an innovative software developer focused on developing specialized security products for Windows. Smadav today focused mainly as additional protection (second layer) antivirus, and for protecting/cleaning USB Flash-disk from virus. Trying to leave the old blacklisting methods, we develop intellegence technique to detect malware, we use behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting methods, and also we are still developing our next-gen antivirus with machine learning and data mining methods.

Our office for Smadav teams located in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. We have active users mostly from Indonesia, and other users mostly come from South-East Asia and Africa Countries.

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We are Smadav Software (Smadsoft), software company registered in Palangkaraya, Indonesia.
Our office address : [contact us for detail], Palangkaraya, Indonesia. Postal Code 73111
Customer Service Call/SMS/WA : 0852 83000 900 atau 0812 5074 4300
Email :